Dengue fever to spread due to global warming


13 Jun 2019

Dengue to spread due to global-warming: Precautions you must take

Dengue fever, a mosquito-borne viral infection has rapidly spread over the past couple of decades.

And now a new study suggests that such cases of viral infection are bound to increase globally due to climate change and global warming.

In India, the dengue fever is quite common during the monsoon months.

Here are some general tips to prevent dengue fever.

Signs and symptoms of dengue fever

The most commonly observed symptoms of dengue fever include sudden, high fever; severe headaches; eye pain; fatigue; nausea and vomiting. Other signs are severe joint and muscle pain; skin rashes, and mild bleeding.

Precautions (1)

Avoid water stagnation; Apply mosquito repellent lotions; Block unnecessary openings

Avoid water stagnation; Apply mosquito repellent lotions; Block unnecessary openings

1) Make sure to turn empty pots and buckets upside down to prevent water to unnecessarily accumulate and stagnate. In case emptying isn't possible, make sure to cover them well.

2) Apply mosquito repellent creams and lotions on exposed areas of your body to avoid getting bitten.

3) Also block any openings or holes in your windows and door screens.

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Precautions (2)

Use mosquito net; get rid of standing water; cover bins

4) Always use a mosquito net while sleeping, to minimize the risk of getting bitten and catching dengue fever.

5) Regularly empty any standing water in your coolers. Also, keep them clean and always use clean, fresh water for refilling.

6) Keep your dustbins, or any other trash containers well covered to ensure safety.

Precautions (3)

A couple of hacks to the rescue

A couple of hacks to the rescue

7) One natural way to keep mosquitoes away is to grow a tulsi plant near your windows, as it helps avoid mosquitoes from breeding.

8) Another way to naturally protect yourself from catching dengue fever is by lighting camphor in your bedroom, and keeping it that way for good 15-20 minutes.

In the end, stay safe and healthy!

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