Food items to avoid in summers


20 Jun 2019

#HealthBytes: Five food items to avoid in summers

The summer has hit the top gear!

Thus, it is vital to eat wisely to stay cool and healthy.

Notably, in this weather, certain food items must be taken, such as those that promote hydration in body, while others that induce heat and dehydration must be avoided.

Here are five food items you must stay away from, this summer.


Avoid: Spicy foods and Meats

Avoid: Spicy foods and Meats

Spicy food: Sure, the spices add amazing flavor to your food, but consuming them in summers will heat up the body, and increase your metabolism.

Meats: Meats are a big no-no during summertime. So, forget your favorite chicken, fish, and seafood for a couple of months, as they lead to increased sweating. Furthermore, non-vegetarian diet may also cause digestive issues and diarrhoea.


Avoid: Oily/fried foods and excessively salty foods

Oily and fried food: Bid timely farewell to those burgers and French fries, as they are known to heat up the body and cause dehydration, which is dangerous during summers. Fried and oily food might also lead to heart problems, weight gain, and spike in blood-sugar levels.

Salty food: High MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) in salty snacks has been linked to increased hunger, weight-gain.

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#5: Avoid alcoholic drinks

It is no secret that intake of alcoholic beverages dehydrates the body, which is obviously quite undesirable during the hot and humid summer season. So, limit your consumption, or better off, eliminate your alcohol intake.

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