Best healthy vegetables for weight loss


24 Jun 2019

#HealthBytes: Six vegetables that can help burn belly fat

Unwanted fat doesn't just look bad on you, but is also a virtual invitation to a host of dreadful health conditions, such as diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, etc.

So, for the sake of your health, you must get rid of it sooner than later.

Although, losing weight healthily is no cakewalk, here are six nutritious vegetables that can help cut down extra kilos.


Mushrooms and carrots

Mushrooms and carrots

Mushrooms: Low on calories and high in water-content, mushrooms are packed with antioxidants and Vitamin D, that are known to reduce abdominal obesity. Also, loaded with protein, mushrooms induce fullness and reduce hunger, thereby promoting weight-loss.

Carrots: Rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber, this low-calorie vegetable is great for healthy weight-loss. Prepare its juice, add to salads, and use more often while cooking.


Cucumbers and chillies

Cucumber: A favorite mid-meal snack among weight-watchers, cucumbers are healthy and refreshing. Filled with fiber and water, they fill up your belly, thereby reducing unnecessary snacking.

Chillies: Chillies are surely great for adding some zing to your meals. But that's not the end of the story, as they can give a major boost to your metabolism, thus fastening the process of fat-burn.

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Pumpkin and Leafy greens

Pumpkin and Leafy greens

Pumpkin: Packed with plenty of fiber and potassium, pumpkin is a great pick for those looking to shed unwanted belly fat.

Leafy greens: Spinach, lettuce, kale etc. are all high in fiber and many essential vitamins and minerals. They are known to improve metabolism and neutralize the bloat-causing effects of sodium, thus leading to weight loss.

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