#ChennaiWaterCrisis: Everything to know about water conservation


01 Jul 2019

Chennai water crisis: Five easy ways to conserve water

This year, Chennai is facing one of the worst water crises, with its reservoirs dried up, groundwater depleting alarmingly, and severe water shortage.

Moreover, many places in India are facing water scarcity. A NITI Aayog report says 21 cities, including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad, will run out of groundwater by 2020.

It's high time we conserve water and here are five easy ways.


Reduce amount of water consumption in every way possible

Reduce amount of water consumption in every way possible

During a water crisis, the first and most important step is to reduce the amount of water consumption in every way possible.

One must use as little water as possible for daily activities. Every activity involving usage of water - from brushing teeth to flushing toilets, showering or bathing, cleaning utensils, washing clothes, cleaning the house, and cooking - must be done efficiently.

#2: Repair leaky taps and fix other water leakages

Reducing water wastage is another important step in conserving water. Leaky taps, toilets, pipes, sinks and tanks, and other faulty plumbing appliances are among the most common sources of water wastage. Repairing leaky taps and fixing other water leakages can save significant amount of water.

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You can also upgrade taps and get water-saving fittings

For many, controlling water usage may be difficult. So, in order to cut down on water usage, they can take help of water-saving appliances.

They can install aerators and water-saving add-ons to existing taps. For example, Chennai-based Earth Fokus' QuaMist extensions reduce water consumption by 95%.

One can also upgrade to water-efficient taps and showers, automatic faucets with sensors, dual flush toilets, etc.


Rainwater harvesting can improve groundwater levels, prevent water crises

Rainwater harvesting can improve groundwater levels, prevent water crises

When there is a severe water shortage and groundwater levels are depleting, recharging groundwater is extremely important and the main source of replenishing groundwater is rainfall.

Simple groundwater recharge wells or rainwater harvesting or collecting systems can be used to improve groundwater levels.

In Chennai, "Rain Man" Dr. Sekhar Raghavan has been helping people recharge groundwater through rainwater harvesting for over two decades now.

#5: Collect and recycle water from various sources

During water crises, every drop of water counts and water must be collected and recycled from every source possible. People can directly collect, treat, and store rainwater for immediate usage. Water from air conditioner condensation, wastewater from RO water purifiers, and greywater can be recycled.

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