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08 Jul 2019

Five weird (but handy) gifts for your dog

Your dog deserves only the best.

But with so many dog care companies and subsequently a plethora of pet products coming up (with some downright absurd and weird creations showing up as well), it might get a bit overwhelming to choose the right product.

To help you out, here are five weird, but handy items you can gift your pooch.


Slow feeder

Slow feeder

If your doggy downs its food at a dangerously fast pace, you might as well consider buying him a slow/puzzle feeder. They come in various shapes and designs.

By making your dog look around and work to find its food, it will slow down its eating process, and thus improve digestion.

Also, it makes dining more fun and mentally stimulating for your dog.


GPS Tracker

If your dog is someone who loves to wander around without letting you know, a GPS tracker may come handy; the device will let you find the pet without much hassle.

These easy-to-use clip-on GPS trackers that work via phone networks or Bluetooth are easily available in the market today.

Plus, they look stylish as well.

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Dog harness

Dog harness

If your little friend can't keep calm whenever you try and take him out for a car ride, you need to get him a zip line dog harness.

This simple creation will hook your dog with either side of your car's back seat, giving them plenty of room for movement while also protecting them from unexpected jolts and injury.


Travel bowl and Indestructible toys

Travel bowl: Rushing for alternatives to feed your dog when on a trip is the last thing you want to do. So, get a travel bowl to help yourself and your dog during your outdoor ventures.

Indestructible toys: If your dog isn't particularly friendly, you may need indestructible toys. They will let your doggy have its fun, while also not bothering yourself.

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