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30 Jan 2017

Infosys Pune employee murdered on campus

A 25-year-old software engineer was found murdered at Infosys Pune on Sunday evening; she was strangled with a computer cable.

A 26-year-old security guard of the Infosys Pune campus by the name of Bhaben Saikia was arrested by the police on Monday.

The victim, Rasila Raju, was found dead on the 9th floor of the Infosys facility in phase II of the Hinjewadi IT-park.

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Murder at Infosys Pune
How was the murder uncovered?


How was the murder uncovered?

According to police reports, Rasila had the day off on Sunday but had come into the office to work on a project with two of her teammates from Infosys Bangalore.

Her supervisor from Bangalore couldn't reach her phone for quite some time, after which someone from the office was asked to check on her.

According to police officials, Rasila went to office around 3pm.


About the suspect

The suspect in this murder case is identified as Bhaben Saikia, a 26-year-old local from Assam.

According to the cops, Bhaben was the only one with access to the room in which Rasila was working.

With the help of CCTV-footage, they determined that he was their prime suspect.

He was caught at 3 am at Mumbai CST from where he was trying to escape.

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Statements from officials


Statements from officials

Assistant Commissioner of Police Vaishali Mane said, "We have begun the primary probe. An FIR will be shortly registered. We are checking the CCTV footage and questioning other employees of the company."

Infosys tweeted: We are deeply saddened and shocked by the tragedy at Pune DC. Our hearts go out to our colleague's family in this time of grief.

Second murder in two months

This is the second murder of a female software engineer from Pune in the last two months. In December 2016, 23-year-old Antara Das from Capgemini was stabbed to death while returning from work late evening.

31 Jan 2017

Infosys employee argued with guard before her murder

Rasila Raju, the Infosys employee who was murdered on Sunday evening, was approached by the watchman under the pretext of fixing a computer cable.

According to the deputy commissioner of police, the guard's presence was making Rasila uncomfortable; she also warned him that she would complain against him for stalking her.

In a fit of rage, the guard strangulated her with the computer cable.

Infosys employee's killer worked at firm with lapsed license

01 Feb 2017

Infosys employee's killer worked at firm with lapsed license

Terrier Security Services (India) Private Ltd, the Bengaluru-based private security firm hired by Infosys, was operating in Pune despite of its lapsed license.

According to Joint Commissioner of Police, Sunil Ramanand, the security firm's license had lapsed in November 2016.

The police are checking if any legal charges can be levied against the agency.

02 Feb 2017

Safety norms issued to IT firms after Infosys Pune murder

The police have initiated the process of issuing safety guidelines to all IT companies in Pune in order to prevent crimes from happening in the future.

Some of these guidelines include round-the-clock monitoring of CCTV footage, deploying women security guards near female staff and calling female professionals only during the day.

This move comes on the heels of a recent murder of an Infosys-employee.

Infosys organising self-defence classes for employees

05 Feb 2017

Infosys organising self-defence classes for employees

After the murder of a female employee on their campus, Infosys has begun conducting self-defence training for all its female employees.

Martial art's expert, Jaydev Mhamane, has been roped in to organise the lessons.

Almost 1000 employees attended the first workshop that was conduced by Mhamane.

Infosys is also looking at reworking rosters and extending work from home services.

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