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07 Feb 2017

CBI registers case in Army land fraud case

The CBI has initiated an investigation in a case of fraud committed against the Indian Army.

An FIR has been filed which alleged that based on forged land documents, Indian Army has been paying rent for 16 years on a piece of land which is located in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK).

It is currently unclear who are the exact beneficiaries of this land scam.

In context

Indian Army conned in land rental case
Scam perpetrated on Indian army

What Transpired

Scam perpetrated on Indian army

The Indian Army had rented out some land from civilians in the year 2000.

Due process was followed and the land was physically verified and board approvals were obtained in the manner prescribed by Army regulations.

However, a criminal conspiracy had allegedly been hatched between some private persons and Defence Estate officers.

With the help of forged land documents, Indian Army was duped.

Bizarre turn of events

Indian Army rented land in PoK

The land rented by the Indian Army, was in fact located in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir.

For many years, the Army remained oblivious to this crucial fact, and lakhs in rental income were diverted to the alleged owner.

This scam was uncovered recently and a First Information Report was filed in this regard.

The loss incurred by the exchequer amounts to over Rs.6 lakh.

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Army officials under the radar

According to land records from 1969-70, the land in question, measures 122 Kanals and 18 Marlas, and is located in Maqbooza, PoK. It is suspected that Army Officials have been withdrawing money from exchequer on pretext of paying rent.

Detailed investigation

What follows next

CBI has registered a criminal case which will investigate Army officials that are suspected to be beneficiaries of this land scam.

The investigating agency will also zero in on the owner of the alleged land and determine whether or not he actually exists or is merely a name on paper.

The board of officers which verified the land is also under CBI's radar.

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