Pak trying to deflect attention by nuclear city allegations: India

10 Feb 2017 | By Vaneet Randhawa
India's nuclear city raises alarm from Pakistan

India laughed off Pakistan's claims that India was building a secret nuclear city.

MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup said that Pakistan was trying to deflect attention from the real issue of terrorism.

He further called the allegations 'baseless'.

This came as an answer to Pakistan's claims that India had collected a stockpile of nuclear weapons which would undermine the 'strategic balance of power'.

In context: India's nuclear city raises alarm from Pakistan

18 Dec 2016India building a nuclear city: US policy journal

A leading US foreign policy magazine claimed that India was developing a top-secret nuclear city to manufacture thermonuclear weapons.

A facility to be completed by 2017 would be the subcontinent's "largest military-run" house of nuclear centrifuges.

The city- Challakere in Karnataka could "upgrade" India as a nuclear power and become a cause of worry for its neighbours.

Why is the nuclear city a threat?

The alleged nuclear city would give "India an extra stockpile of enriched uranium fuel that could be used in new hydrogen bombs" commonly known as thermonuclear weapons intrinsic to increase any country's explosive force of its existing nuclear arsenal.
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11 Jan 2017Is Pakistan preparing for a war?

Pakistan carried out its first successful experiment fire of a submarine-launched cruise missile.

This missile can "hit a target 450km away and provides the country with a credible second strike capability."

Sources claim that this attainment of a second strike capacity is a demonstration of the approach of measured rejoinder to nuclear policies and attitudes being adopted by India.

10 Feb 2017India building a 'nuclear city': Pakistan Foreign Office

Pakistan claimed that India was building a "secret nuclear city" and had acquired a stockpile of nuclear weaponry.

Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Nafees Zakaria made the comments at the weekly press announcement while displaying anxiety over the "Indian defence buildup".

Zakaria also claimed that India has been administering tests on inter-continental missiles which would "disturb the strategic balance in the region."

More accusationsPakistan levels more accusations at India

Zakaria also asserted that India had been "exposed" by the collapse of its attempts to isolate Pakistan, and added that the Indian government should reciprocate the measures taken by Pakistan for peace.

He alleged that India had adopted a hostile attitude instead of resolving the issues amicably.

He accused India of frequently infringing the ceasefire arrangement at the LoC and providing repositories to militants.

10 Feb 2017Pak trying to deflect attention by nuclear city allegations: India