Government will increase spending on IT

15 Feb 2017 | By Supriya
Government to boost its technology infrastructure

A report by global research firm Gartner indicates that the Indian government will significantly increase its spending on information technology in 2017.

A prominent increase of 9.5 per cent in spending is forecast which will likely touch $7.8 billion.

The forecast pertains to spending that will be incurred by Centre and state governments towards software, IT services, telecom services and more.

In context: Government to boost its technology infrastructure

Forecast for worldwide IT spending

Report titled 'Forecast: Enterprise IT Spending for Government and Education Markets, '2014-2020' by research firm Gartner has forecast IT spending on software, hardware, services and telecommunications for industry verticals and 43 countries across seven geographies.

15 Feb 2017Government will increase spending on IT

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Digital India playing key role?

Gartner's report has not specified reasons for increased IT spending but experts believe central government's campaigns like 'Digital India' would play a key role as existing e-governance schemes are being revamped to be in sync with Digital India.
Where is government directing its spending?

DetailsWhere is government directing its spending?

Spending towards software sees an increase of 15.7% and is forecast at $1 billion whereas desktop is expected to be the quickest growing segment and will see a growth of 16 percent.

The information technology services segment which includes business process outsourcing, consulting, software and hardware support will grow 14.6 per cent in 2017 touching $2 billion, the largest chunk within IT spending category.

Upgrading electronic devices

Government spending towards devices like printers, copiers, mobile devices, personal computers and tablets is estimated to to grow 12.7 percent in this fiscal year and is expected to touch $917 million.