Blizzard hits Arunachal Pradesh, army called in

20 Mar 2017 | By NewsBytes Desk
Blizzard in Arunachal Pradesh

The army was called in to Arunachal Pradesh after a severe snow storm hit at the Sela Pass near Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

Several tourists were stranded and needed to be rescued. One Bulgarian woman died, while the army managed to rescue another 127 tourists.

Army officials said "entire operation was almost conducted in the dark and continued till all 127 tourists were rescued."

In context: Blizzard in Arunachal Pradesh

20 Mar 2017Blizzard hits Arunachal Pradesh, army called in

Bulgarian tourist fell in gorge

One Bulgarian woman who passed away, was attempting to make her way to rescuers while travelling alone. On the way she fell down a steep gorge and died. Army personnel tried until midnight to retrieve her body.
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RescueThe rescue operation

The blizzard struck at 2:45PM and went on until the night.

The blizzard hit Ahirgarh, Sela and Nuranang in West Kameng district, cutting off several important roads in the region.

Troops of the Army's Blazing Sword Division were pressed into service, while the Border Roads Organization was tasked with clearing roads.

The rescued tourists were accommodated at Army transit camps.