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24 Mar 2017

SC to go almost paperless in seven months

The Supreme Court is planning to go almost paperless in 200 days, Chief Justice J.S. Khehar declared on 24th March.

"We will electronically pick up records from courts. There will be no need for appellants to file those records," a bench stated.

The revelation came when advocate Indira Jaising mentioned a petition filed by her seeking transparent guidelines for designating lawyers as senior advocates.

In context

SC plans to go digital in 200 days

Digitalization could save 50 lakh pages annually

On an average, 70,000 appeals, each containing over 100 pages, are filed in the SC annually. Number of pages sometimes goes up to 200 in case of bigger law firms and larger stakes. With digitalization, about 50 lakh pages can be saved every year.

CJI Khehar: A break away from convention

J.S. Khehar

CJI Khehar: A break away from convention

CJI Jagdish Singh Khehar has broken away from traditional methods. Out of many impressive decisions, he has unwaveringly refused pleas by renowned advocates for out of turn hearings.

The tradition of time-consuming persuasion by lawyers for early listing of cases has been done away with.

The CJI-headed bench also started imposing hefty fines on frivolous petitions, which has considerably reduced their number.

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10 May 2017

SC goes paperless, PM launches integrated case management system

PM Narendra Modi has launched the Supreme Court's integrated case management system which will usher transparency, lessen manipulation and help litigants track their case status in real time.

Chief Justice of India JS Khehar said welcomed the move as a step towards creating a paperless SC.

Khehar also proposed integrating the system India's 24 high courts and subordinate courts.

Digitalization of judiciary: Five most senior courts go paperless

03 Jul 2017

Digitalization of judiciary: Five most senior courts go paperless

Starting July 3, all cases listed in the five most senior courts will be digitally filed. This marks an important step in the judiciary's digitalization process.

However, the system isn't yet fully functional. Compared to expectations of scanning one lakh papers a day, it is averaging 60,000-80,000.

Eventually, "only grounds of appeal (will) need to be filed in SC," CJI JS Khehar had said.

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