UP train derailment: Nepali businessman confesses ISI links

27 Mar 2017 | By NewsBytes Desk
UP train derailment: Nepali businessman's ISI links

Key suspect in the Ghorasahan train derailment, Nepali businessman Shamsul Huda, has revealed in an NIA investigation that he met his Pakistani handler Safi Shaikh in Dubai in January.

Huda claimed to have met Shaikh, who has been linked to the ISI, once before arrests were made in the case, and then remained in touch through phone.

In context: UP train derailment: Nepali businessman's ISI links

27 Mar 2017UP train derailment: Nepali businessman confesses ISI links

ArrestNepali businessman Shamsul Huda's arrest

Nepali businessman Huda was arrested in February after he was deported from Dubai to Nepal.

His arrest was described as a big breakthrough in the investigations into three railway sabotage cases being investigated by the NIA.

One of the suspects arrested earlier had reportedly spoken to both Huda and his ISI handler Safi Shaikh via his handler Brij Kishore Giri.

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Shamsul Huda's confessions

ConfessionsShamsul Huda's confessions

Huda confessed he was promised rich rewards by Shaikh's aides during Ramzan'16, when he was visiting Pakistan, for causing "large-scale casualties" in India by engineering riots, stampedes, train derailments and terror attacks.

Huda said he didn't know when Shaikh, who stayed back after he left from Pakistan, returned to Dubai.

Rs. 8-9L were found to have been transferred from Shaikh to Huda's bank account.

Discrepancies in suspects' statements

Though both Huda and Giri have confessed to their involvement in the failed IED blast attempt in Ghorasahan, they haven't claimed any association to the Kanpur or Koneru derailments. Sources reported they might be questioned together.