2 Mizoram girls dead, drug overdose suspected

01 Apr 2017 | By NewsBytes Desk
Mizo girls mysteriously dead

Two 22 year old women from Mizoram died under mysterious circumstances at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.

Identified as Clara and Rakim, cops say the two were found in a semi-conscious state by their friends, after a night of partying. Authorities suspect a drug overdose is the cause.

Their families have been informed, and an autopsy is likely to be conducted.

In context: Mizo girls mysteriously dead

01 Apr 20172 Mizoram girls dead, drug overdose suspected

IncidentHow did the events unfold?

The two girls knew each other for a few years.

Clara was living with a friend and Rakim's cousin in Munirka, while Rakim worked in Lucknow and came to Delhi to meet Clara.

According to Clara's roommates, Clara and Rakim partied all night. When her roommates returned from their BPO jobs the next morning, they found them in a semi-conscious state.

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History of drug abuse

Clara's roommates, immediately rushed the two to hospital. There they informed doctors that the two girls had a probable history of drug abuse.
Police following up

PolicePolice following up

Following the incident a team of police reached the house they were found in and have sealed it.

They have also called in forensic teams to collect evidence from the crime scene.

In addition, cops asked Safdarjung Hospital to constitute a medical board to conduct an autopsy on their bodies.

They have asked the girls' parents to come to Delhi.