Bangalore hoax-caller reveals intricate plot

8 Sep 2015 | By Shiladitya

The hoax calls which delayed several international flights in Bangalore and Delhi in the weekend, were traced to Bangalore-based executive Gokul Machery.

Gokul, on being questioned, admitted to murdering his wife, among other illegal activities like theft and fraud.

Gokul's motive for the hoaxes was to defame Jose, whose wife had been his ex-girlfriend, and whom he was trying to win back since 2011.

In context: Bangalore hoax-caller's series of crimes

Background I Gokul Machery's pre and post-college life

Gokul had been in a relationship since class XII through college, till he and his girlfriend graduated from an engineering college in Thrissur.

Gokul then moved to Delhi, and the girl, to Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu for higher studies.

In Delhi, Gokul entered into a relationship with Ranchi native Anuradha, and married her in 2009, the same year that his ex married Saju Jose.

Background II Gokul Machery's marriage

Gokul worked late hours and suspected Anuradha of having an extra-marital affair, and he supposedly found intimate messages on her phone.

In 2011, he opened two fake email accounts under the names "Baba" and "Asha", and wrote to the devout Anuradha to coax her into confessing.

Through these, he asked and received a photo of Anuradha and her lover, confirming his suspicions.

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Gokul's wife found dead, allegedly by accident

Murder Gokul's wife found dead, allegedly by accident

Gokul moved to Bangalore in March 2015, and shifted to the same apartment complex where his ex-girlfriend lived.

On 28 July 2015, Anuradha was found dead.

Gokul convinced his father-in-law, a former police officer in Ranchi, that Anuradha had hit her head against the TV in an inebriated state, and had died consequently.

After two days of questioning, the Bangalore police accepted Gokul's explanation.

Hoax International flights delayed by bomb scare

On 5 September 2015 at 1.30am, six international flights in Bangalore and Delhi were threatened to be blown up, as airport managers received Whatsapp messages under the name of the Islamic State.

Three of the flights were mid-air and had to be recalled for a thorough search, while the grounded ones were evacuated.

Take-offs were cancelled till 6.30am, and scores of flights were delayed.

Bomb scare drains exchequer

After the bomb scare both Bangalore and Delhi airports went into full emergency protocol. According to Bangalore police commissioner N.S.Megharikh, the costs for the emergency procedure in Bangalore alone amounted to Rs.6.7 crore.

Investigation Tracking the hoax caller

The number was tracked and found to be registered in the name of Saju Jose.

A police search of Jose's apartment revealed nothing, and his family were deported to the police station, driven by Gokul in Jose's car.

Police found the SIM location to be moving with the car, and a phone was found under the carpet.

Jose denied that it was his phone.

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Arrest Gokul arrested for bomb threats

Jose's denial subsequently shifted the suspicion to Gokul.

Gokul's laptop was searched, revealing that he had run a google search on Bangalore and Delhi flight schedules.

A Facebook account which was framed in the Whatsapp messages sent to the airport managers was found to have been created on Gokul's laptop.

Gokul had counterfeited Jose's documents, and registered the suspected number in Jose's name.

8 Sep 2015Bangalore hoax-caller reveals intricate plot