Pirates hijack Indian vessel in Somalia

03 Apr 2017 | Written by NewsBytes Desk; Edited by Shikha Chaudhry
Indian vessel hijacked by Somali pirates

Sources have confirmed that an Indian vessel has been hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia.

Officials said the vessel was last seen heading toward the shore. The vessel was travelling from Dubai to Yemen when hijacked. There were 11 crew members on board.

The ships owners are attempting to contact the pirates to ensure safe return of the crew members.

In context: Indian vessel hijacked by Somali pirates

03 Apr 2017Pirates hijack Indian vessel in Somalia

Somalian anti-piracy officials statement

The former director of the anti-piracy agency in Somalia, Abdirizak Mohamed Dirir said "We understand Somali pirates hijacked a commercial Indian ship and heading towards Somalia shores." The pirates may seek to dump the crew on the shore, as they have done on previous occasions.
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Details of the hijacking

DetailsDetails of the hijacking

According to details available, the vessel was identified as cargo ship Al Kaushar with 11 crew members on board. All the crew members are said to be from Mandavi in Mumbai.

Sources said that the captain of the ship saw a small vessel approaching on April 1, and asking for water. They turned out to be pirates, who then took over the ship.

11 Apr 2017Somali Piracy: Forces rescue hijacked Indian ship, two crew members

Somali security forces rescued an Indian cargo ship hijacked by pirates, but could save only two of the ten-men crew.

The 'Al Kauser', hijacked on March 31, had been held off the Indian Ocean coast near Yemen; the Kutch Seafarers Association in Gujarat said the pirates had demanded ransom.

The abductors are believed to be holding the hostages near Hobyo.