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05 Apr 2017

IIT-KGP to be the first tech institute with medical courses

IIT-Kharagpur will soon be the first technology institute to offer medical courses. Starting 2019, it plans to start an MBBS course with 50 students.

Deputy Director Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya said the purpose was to cater to the needs of students, the institute, and locals, who will benefit from the 400-bed research hospital.

The plans have already been approved by the HRD ministry.

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IIT-Kharagpur to launch medical courses
KGP figuring out admissions, operations and more


KGP figuring out admissions, operations and more

IIT-KGP hasn't yet taken the permission of Medical Council of India, and is waiting for the hospital to start functioning before it does.

Patients would be admitted from mid-2018.

It hasn't decided on the admission process either: it can conduct its own exams, or admit students through the NEET.


Multi-specialty research hospital in the works

The hospital will have different departments, including cardiology, orthopaedic, and neurology, apart from a diagnostic centre.

A board of governors, chaired by the IIT-KGP director, will oversee operations. The institute is planning to sign an MoU with the society-run hospital.

It is in talks with several renowned hospitals and doctors for association with the upcoming medical centre.

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'Technological developments at IIT to benefit patients'

Bhattacharyya said the hospital would allow doctors to carry out medico-technical research. It plans to experiment with new technology, like videography during treatment, through which it will be able to collect and send out out information to doctors all over the world and invite feedback.

IIT-KGP: Setting benchmarks along the way


IIT-KGP: Setting benchmarks along the way

IIT Kharagpur, which already has a School of Medical Science and Technology, has been planning medical courses since long. According to reports, it had spent Rs. 230cr on the project as of 2014.

It was also the first IIT to start a management-school, with the launch of the Vinod Gupta School of Management in 1993; it is ranked among India's top 20 business schools.

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