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06 Apr 2017

Air India and one man's stand against political hooliganism

Air India Chief lambasts rogue MP

The very people we choose to represent us are often the ones who turn tyrants, forgetting they were chosen to serve the people.

Lately Air India's Chief Ashwani Lohani became a common man's hero by reminding us how to do the right thing, by not yielding to political pressure while teaching a needed lesson to an unrepentant MP.

Let us know the man better.

In context

Air India Chief lambasts rogue MP
An MP decides to take a "business class" flight


An MP decides to take a "business class" flight

Shiv Sena Lok Sabha MP Ravindra Gaikwad despite being informed that the Pune-Delhi flight AI 852 did not have a business class, insisted on boarding it, while he could board any other AI flight with his 'open' ticket.

Upon landing, he refused to de-board demanding an apology and when a 60-year-old staffer tried to pacify him, the MP assaulted him with slippers "25 times".

Doing the right thing

Boss who gave reality check to incorrigible MP

Upon learning about the incident, AI CMD Ashwani Lohani decided to rally behind 60-year-old employee to right the wrong and filed a formal complaint.

Lohani barred the MP from flying with Air India, a decision now other airlines have also decided to follow to show solidarity.

Earlier Lohani had ensured the arrest of YSR Congress MP Reddy for allegedly slapping the airline's station manager.

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A man true to himself and his profession


A man true to himself and his profession

Lohani, as a person, is known for his frugality and honesty. According to peers, he never makes use of any special privileges, even though his predecessors have used them extensively.

Lohani has never upgraded facilities using his position, which till now was a common practice. He even dissuaded officials from receiving him at airports as he felt it was the mark of feudal bureaucracy.


Guinness Records holder for doing his job well

When Lohani was the Director of the National Rail Museum, he played a pivotal role in getting UNESCO's World Heritage Site tag for the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

He has managed to secure a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, for a successful run of 'The Fairy Queen Express,' which is the world's oldest steam locomotive.

Shiv Sena decides to stand by guilty MP


Shiv Sena decides to stand by guilty MP

Sena's Anandrao Adsul cited in the Lok Sabha in defence, that if no ban has been imposed on Kapil Sharma after his misbehaviour under intoxication in-flight then how can MP Gaikwad be banned.

The party accused airline carriers of being "goons" and opined that if carriers made a habit of this behaviour, one day they may even ground the Prime Minister on a whim.

No-fly list

Air India to make "no-fly list" for unruly passengers now

Air India is now mulling over the creation of a "no-fly list" for unruly passengers like other carriers do.

It comes after a series of complaints by the employees pertaining bad behaviour.

From July 2016 to February 2017; there were 53 reports of unruly behaviour by domestic airlines.

A proper stand has become more necessary to prevent incidents from taking a more serious turn.

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