Saudi Arabian diplomat charged with gangrape

10 Sep 2015 | By Shiladitya

The Saudi Arabian diplomat was charged with gangrape, wrongful confinement, causing harm and criminal intimidation, after the two recently rescued abused women registered a case.

The diplomat remains under diplomatic immunity as of now, as the Saudi Embassy continues to deny all allegations.

The Ministry of External Affairs, after receiving a "detailed" report from police, has asked for Saudi Arabia's cooperation in the investigation.

In context: Saudi diplomat rape case may cause diplomatic tension

7 Sep 2015Two Nepali women rescued from Saudi diplomat's home

Two Nepali women who were allegedly sold by traffickers to a Saudi diplomat, faced four months of sexual abuse until they were rescued on 7 September by Gurgaon police.

The condition of these women were reported to NGO Maiti Nepal, by another woman who was supposedly sold to the diplomat and managed to escape.

An FIR was filed by the police following the rescue.

9 Sep 2015Saudi Embassy denies allegations

The Saudi Embassy issued a statement denying all allegations, and further protested police intrusion into the diplomat's house "against all diplomatic conventions".

After a second medical examination which confirmed rape and sodomy, a detailed report was sent to the Ministry of External Affairs by Gurgaon Police.

A group of women's rights activists staged a protest outside the Saudi Embassy demanding action against the accused.

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10 Sep 2015Saudi Arabian diplomat charged with gangrape

What is diplomatic immunity?

Under article 29 of the Vienna Convention, a diplomat serving in a foreign country enjoys complete immunity against detention or arrest, unless the home country of the diplomat waives the "diplomatic immunity".
Nepal asks India's help and cooperation

Tension Nepal asks India's help and cooperation

While the Saudi Embassy denied allegations, the Nepal Embassy approached the Ministry of External Affairs "seeking cooperation and assistance".

Nepal Ambassador to India, Deep Kumar Upadhyay said that Nepal would reach out to Saudi Arabia if necessary and also said, "The relationship between Saudi Arabia and Nepal is very friendly..."

India now faces a diplomatic challenge of maintaining bilateral relations with both countries.

Relations-I India-Nepal relations

Modi government's relationship with Nepal is a very amiable one, with Nepal almost getting "national treatment" from India.

Be it extensive rescue operations during natural disasters (like the earthquake in April 2015), or constitution writing, India has always assisted Nepal.

While the government's relation with Nepal will ensure that the victims get justice, India would not want to upset its strategic partner Saudi Arabia.

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Relations-II India-Saudi Arabia relations

India's largest supplier of crude oil is Saudi Arabia.

Indians form the largest expatriate community in Saudi Arabia where 2.4 million Indians earn livelihoods.

Approximately, 130,000 Indians travel to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia during Haj every year.

Saudi's help was pivotal in the evacuation of 6,000 Indians from Yemen in April 2015 and it may prove crucial in resisting ISIS in future.

Saudi Arabia-India trade

Saudi Arabia's crude oil supplies fulfill one fifth of India's crude oil needs; bilateral trade between the two nations has increased by three fold over the last five years and the total bilateral trade amounts to $50 billion.