MP to become liquor free state soon: Chouhan

11 Apr 2017 | By Vaneet Randhawa

Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh announced that the state will soon move towards becoming a liquor-free state in a phased out manner.

He announced so while addressing a programme at village Neemkhera (Heerapur) of Narsinghpur district.

Furthermore, Chouhan said there was a need for de-addiction drives, which would be launched in the state shortly.

In context: Is Madhya Pradesh becoming a dry state too?

Complexities of prohibitionThe politics of prohibition

Prohibition drives in India have 3 strands attached to them. Firstly, social-reform protests had guarded abstention, keeping with the Gandhian political tradition.

Secondly, women's right activists have championed this cause and thirdly it resonates with farmer rights who want foreign liquor.

Governments are hesitant to do so as alcohol is a major source of revenue and prohibition leads to a flourishing black economy.

Tryst of Indian states with prohibition

Except for Gujarat, no state has been completely successful in banning the bottle. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh have experimented with it in the 90s. In 2014, Mizoram eliminated prohibition and the Bihar ban was held unconstitutional by High Court.
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Madhya Pradesh planning to ban alcohol

17 Jan 2017Madhya Pradesh planning to ban alcohol

The Madhya Pradesh government is attempting to make the state a liquor free state.

To this effect, alcohol shops were asked to record the name of frequent buyers in order to assess the number in the state.

The government also wants to issue warning on liquor bottles that reads: "consumption is injurious to health."

Furthermore, awareness campaigns and meditation-centres are expected to spring up.

21 Mar 2017Chouhan bans sale of liquor along Narmada

During his 100 days 'Save the Narmada' campaign, MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said the "sale of liquor within 5km of the Narmada's banks" would be banned from 1 April 1. He said that consequently, similar drive would be started along river Tapti's banks.

Previously in 2016 December, he had directed the state to implement the SC's regulation to ban liquor along national highways.

04 Apr 2017Madhya Pradesh ministers want liquor ban

The Congress began demanding total liquor ban in Madhya Pradesh and soon other ministers joined the protest.

Interestingly, even BJP ministers have been demanding a blanket ban on liquor sale and prohibition.

BJP's youth wing leader Abhishek Bhargava after observing demonstrations against liquor shops in district Sagar demanded total prohibition.

Previously, MLA Sudarshan Gupta had made similar demands.

11 Apr 2017MP to become liquor free state soon: Chouhan

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11 Apr 20172 phases to a liquor free Madhya Pradesh

According to CM Chouhan's announcement, the shutting down of liquor shops in Madhya Pradesh will take place in 2 phases.

Firstly, the shops that fall within 5 km radius of the Narmada river will be closed down.

In the 2nd phase, shops falling in the vicinity of educational institutes, residential localities and religious places will be shut down.