ScoopWhoop co-founder Suparn Pandey accused of sexual assault/harassment

12 Apr 2017 | By Abheet Sethi

An FIR has been filed against ScoopWhoop co-founder Suparn Pandey, alleging that he sexual harassed and assaulted a former senior executive, according to a report by Catch News.

Other ScoopWhoop co-founders Sattvik Mishra and Sriparna Tikekar have also been accused of abetting the harassment and attempts at suppressing this.

The FIR comes as ScoopWhoop tries portraying itself as a forward thinking, women-friendly company.

In context: Ex-ScoopWhoop employee accuses co-founder of sexual assault

12 Apr 2017ScoopWhoop co-founder Suparn Pandey accused of sexual assault/harassment

What happened?Pandey allegedly verbally harassed complainant, sent her lewd video

In the FIR, the complainant alleges she faced harassment throughout her tenure at ScoopWhoop from 2015-17.

Pandey initially started verbally harassing her, even in public.

The complainant raised the issue with co-founder Sriparna Tikekar who gave assurances but took no action against Pandey.

The company's inaction emboldened Pandey who proceeded to start behaving inappropriately and even sent her a lewd video.

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Co-founders intimidated complainant, threatened to hurt her career

The complainant alleged that she was dissuaded from attempting to lodge a formal complaint. ScoopWhoop's co-founders responded by intimidating her, threatening to defame her publicly and hurt her career. The complainant eventually resigned.
Other co-founders publicly humiliated complainant, didn't act on her allegations

Inaction continuesOther co-founders publicly humiliated complainant, didn't act on her allegations

The FIR claims the complainant's repeated attempts at taking up the issue with the management led to inaction.

Co-founders Mishra and Tikekar began publicly humiliating her.

The two even allowed Pandey to arrive drunk to work where he would attempt to touch the complainant.

She was forced to work in close quarters with Pandey and was "reprimanded and humiliated" whenever she refused.

No comment from ScoopWhoop founders on allegations.

Catch News said it has reached out to the ScoopWhoop's co-founders named in the FIR. Mishra has refused to comment, Tikekar hasn't responded to calls or text messages. Pandey has refused to comment, claiming he wants "no visibility right now."

Case of TVFScoopWhoop allegations follow sexual harassment claims against TVF founder

The allegations against ScoopWhoop's Pandey mirror similar case against TVF founder Arunabh Kumar.

Multiple women initially came forward on social-media, accusing Kumar of sexual harassment, a charge he has denied.

Two separate FIRs were filed against Kumar in Mumbai on March 30th and March 31st alleging sexual harassment.

On April 10, Kumar was reportedly given interim protection from arrest by a Mumbai sessions court.

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12 Apr 2017ScoopWhoop responds to allegations against co-founder

ScoopWhoop said it "strongly condemns" any kinds of workplace harassment.

It said it takes "complaints of harassment extremely seriously" and has an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) which is investigating the complaint.

ScoopWhoop said it is extending "full cooperation to the police" as they investigate the sexual harassment allegations based on the FIR filed.

It said it will "take the necessary action if found guilty."