CM Chouhan heckled by protesters over Jhabua blasts

14 Sep 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

Protesters harassed Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan near the place of the huge blast as the prime accused (who apparently had BJP links) evaded arrest for keeping mining explosives.

The people alleged that the government had not taken proper measures to prevent the disaster and demanded severe response against officials for the failure.

Chouhan said he would stay in Petlawad till normalcy was restored.

In context: After Vyapam, Jhabua tragedy grips MP

12 Sep 2015Blast in MP kills 89, injures 100

89 people were killed and about 100 injured when 2 massive blasts induced by mining explosives stashed in a building ripped through a crowded area in Petlawad town in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh.

The blast shattered 2 buildings and an adjacent restaurant in its wake.

State Home Minister Babulal Gaur announced that a high-level inquiry had been ordered into the episode.

PM pained at the MP blast tragedy

"Extremely pained at the loss of lives due to the cylinder blast in Jhabua. My deepest condolences to the families of the deceased. I wish all those injured a speedy recovery. MP Govt. is monitoring the situation closely", Modi said.
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Culprit behind 89 lost lives: Rajendra Kaswa

13 Sep 2015Culprit behind 89 lost lives: Rajendra Kaswa

A case was registered against local contractor Rajendra Kaswa of Petlawad, the principal accused in the massive explosion.

The explosion took place because of "stockpile of gelatin rods" deposited illegally inside a building in Petlawad.

Rajendra Kaswa had rented the building 5 years ago to operate an agriculture product business.

The accused is said to have close links with the BJP.

13 Sep 2015Chauhan announces compensation and judicial enquiry

MP CM Shivraj Chauhan proclaimed a Rs.10 lakh benefit for the victims' relatives.

Chauhan also promised judicial action and said that legal inquiry into the case monitored by a High Court judge would take place.

He further said that a case had been registered against Rajendra Kaswa, prime accused under 3/4 explosives act and section 304 of IPC.

A bounty of Rs.1 lakh on Kaswa's head

"Anybody who passes information to law-enforcers to facilitate the arrest of Kaswa, will be rewarded with Rs.1 lakh" CM Chouhan said.

13 Sep 2015And the blame game begins...

Rajendra Kaswa was first arrested for illegal possession of explosives by Jhabua police 34 years ago.

First case was registered against him for illegal transportation of explosives in 1981.

The Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) had given Kaswa a license despite his legal history.

When police was approached for the records, they said that the records were 20 years old and hence disposed.

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14 Sep 2015CM Chouhan heckled by protesters over Jhabua blasts

14 Sep 2015Prime accused may be among the dead

Milind Mehta, a friend of the accused said he saw him "opening the shutters of his godown. It was unmistakeably him".

Moreover, a senior police official investigating the blast said that Kaswa's phone "surveillance shows his last location as Petlawad. This means he may still be in the town or died in the blast."

Many others saw Kaswa near his godown after 1st blast.

16 Sep 2015Jhabua blast accused arrested in Maharashtra

Four days after the Jhabua blasts, police arrested the prime accused Rajendra Kaswa in Maharashtra.

Kaswa's wife Pramila, son Shubham and daughter Sonia were detained at Manpur near Indore and his brothers Phoolchand and Narendra were also arrested.

Police have also nabbed Dharmendra Rathore who had rendered the explosives to Kaswa.

Rathore was arrested from Badnawar of Dhar district.