Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad airports on hijack alert

16 Apr 2017 | Written by Gaurav Jeyaraman; Edited by Gogona Saikia
Indian airports on hijack alert

Authorities have put Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai airports on hijack alert after intelligence inputs revealed that terrorists may simultaneously hijack multiple flights from these airports.

Mumbai airport also received a bomb threat. CISF director general OP Singh confirmed that the airports have been put on alert.

A woman had sent an email warning of the attacks after she overheard people discussing it.

In context: Indian airports on hijack alert

16 Apr 2017Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad airports on hijack alert

Security increasedAuthorities chart security plans

The Airport Security Coordination Committee said that 23 individuals are expected to be involved in the hijacking. Three hijackings are reportedly being anticipated.

They stated that all passengers should arrive earlier than required to the airports, as enhanced security measures could cause delays in checking-in.

City police and anti-terror units are coordinating with the CISF to thwart the attempts.

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CISF reassures citizens

CISF Director General OP Singh sought to reassure citizens, saying, "A number of security measures have been put in place. We have increased and strengthened the patrolling, access control. The number of security personnel deployed has been increased."

20 Apr 2017Hoax hijack threat: Man arrested for fake email

A Hyderabad man has been arrested for sending a hoax hijack threat for Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai airports.

According to HT, Vamsi had sent an anonymous email in the name of a woman to delay a flight to Pune; he was supposed to meet his girlfriend there.

However, News18 reported he wanted to cancel a trip with her, so disrupted the flight schedules.