TimesJobs Survey: 70% women dissatisfied with workplace friendliness

18 Apr 2017 | By Anupama Vijayakumar
70% women consider their workplaces unfriendly

Women's equality is said to have made major strides in the past many decades. This is manifested through the increasing number of women employees across various fields.

However, women continue to be denied equal opportunities at workplaces, hindering them from progressing.

A recent TimesJobs survey revealed, 70% of women don't think their workplaces are female friendly.

Let us explore the issue.

In context: 70% women consider their workplaces unfriendly

18 Apr 2017TimesJobs Survey: 70% women dissatisfied with workplace friendliness

AboutWhat makes workplaces female unfriendly?

Women face many issues at workplaces mostly reflected in discriminatory practices backed up by prejudice and gender bias.

These issues include pay gap, sexual harassment and discrimination in hiring and promotions.

Often seen as less competent than men, women end up struggling to keep pace in progressing along with the men who start from the same place as them.

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Discrimination at the doorstep

Studies on hiring patterns of American employers revealed, men were rated higher than equally competent women. A study conducted by professors at Columbia, Chicago and Northwestern universities found, two-thirds of candidates occupying managerial positions were men, despite having performed poorer than women in math test.
What did the survey reveal?

DetailsWhat did the survey reveal?

Out of total 2500 women surveyed, 90% note the absence of equality in career progression, while 95% noted the poor representation of females at top level.

75% of respondents opined that their organizations provided little opportunities in management, while 80% rated mentorship opportunities as poor.

Further, 70% women rated workplace flexibility as poor. 80% were willing to sacrifice promotions in favour of work-life balance.

A stark pay gap

Only 10% of the women surveyed rated their satisfaction with their salary as good. While 50% registered average satisfaction, 40% were poorly satisfied. An American study reveals, " woman with a bachelor's degree will earn a third less than a man with the same degree".

ConclusionWhat does it mean?

High levels of dissatisfaction amongst the women surveyed proves workplace discrimination a reality, with inconsiderate practices complementing overall workplace unfriendliness.

Although many women have gathered professional accolades, those achievements are rare since they are most of the time overlooked, to the benefit of men.

Despite enactment of female friendly laws including the Maternity Benefit Act, lack of ground level implementation renders them ineffective.

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Not just women!

Although workplace discrimination is usually against women, men are often haunted by the same issue. Men are discriminated against over certain perceived female attributes thought of as better suited for the job. Talk show host Jimmy Fallon and NBC were sued for discrimination against men.