CBSE warns schools over commercialization


21 Apr 2017

CBSE warns schools against conducting commercial activities

The Central Board of Secondary Education has issued a stern warning to all schools affiliated to the board to refrain from conducting any commercial activities in the school.

The board received complaints from parents alleging that schools ask students to purchase books and stationary from particular vendors only.

They said they also recommend only select vendors for uniforms, jackets, socks etc.


What did the CBSE say?

What did the CBSE say?

The board said that CBSE-affiliation bylaws mandate that the school is run as a community service and not as a business.

They also clarified that the board only recommends NCERT textbooks and not others. However several schools have recommended private publishers as well.

The board reminded schools that a similar notice was also issued in April 2016.

Parents say move is futile

Parents association members said the move would be ineffective. They said, "A similar direction was issued by the board in 2008. Things have not changed much since then. School managements have identified new ways to make money."

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03 May 2017

HC: CBSE to ensure schools don't sell books/uniforms inside campuses

The Delhi High Court ordered the CBSE to ensure that all affiliated schools strictly comply with orders to not sell books, uniforms and other equipment inside schools.

The court said the board has to "ensure that its circular is strictly complied with, in accordance with law, by the institutions."

Several petitions had been filed by concerned parents over commercialization on school campuses.

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