Centre considers Project Cow, like Project Tiger

21 Apr 2017 | By Gaurav Jeyaraman
Project Cow to set up "cow sanctuaries"

Minister of State (Home) Hansraj G Ahir stated that the Centre is considering setting up "cow sanctuaries" under Project Cow along the lines of Project Tiger.

He said the move was one of the possible responses the Centre was considering to the rising incidents of violence by gau rakshaks.

He said this would also help eliminate cow slaughter in India.

In context: Project Cow to set up "cow sanctuaries"

ViolenceViolence form gau rakshaks

Violence from vigilante groups claiming to be protecting cows has been on the rise across the country. Several elected representatives have endorsed this style of mob-justice, adding to concerns.

A man in Rajasthan was recently beaten to death for transporting cows, despite having valid documents.

Several instances of similar misunderstandings have taken place in other states as well.

21 Apr 2017Centre considers Project Cow, like Project Tiger

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What did Ahir say?

DetailsWhat did Ahir say?

In an interview to a media outlet, Ahir said such sanctuaries should be set up in each state.

He added that the states could also contribute towards setting up a food-bank to feed the cattle in the sanctuaries.

He stated that he spoke to the environment ministry and that the plans are to be expedited.

Project Tiger

The Government of India launched Project Tiger in 1973 in an attempt to conserve Tigers, whose population was rapidly declining in India. It is unclear if the minister sought this level of centrally-funded protection for cows, as details of the plan were unavailable.