Hyderabad woman sold to Saudi Arabian kafeel for Rs. 3lakh

24 Apr 2017 | By Gogona Saikia
Hyderabad-woman sold to Saudi Arabian for Rs. 3L

39-year-old Salma Begum of Hyderabad was allegedly cheated by two agents and sold off to a Saudi Arabian kafeel (sponsor) for Rs. 3 lakh.

Her daughter Sameena alleged the man started torturing her after she refused to marry him.

The agents, identified as Akram and Shafi of Babanagar 'C' block, the same locality where Begum used to stay, sent her on a housemaid visa.

In context: Hyderabad-woman sold to Saudi Arabian for Rs. 3L

24 Apr 2017Hyderabad woman sold to Saudi Arabian kafeel for Rs. 3lakh

InactionPolice failed to intervene despite complaints and requests

Sameena said her mother had told her that she wasn't allowed to leave by her kafeel, who had spent money to buy her.

When Sameena approached Akram for help, he did nothing.

She alleged she had contacted Kanchanbagh police station, but they hadn't taken any action against Akram and Shafi despite several complaints.

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Salma Begum requests assistance from Indian government

Begum has sent an audio message to Sameeena, where she is heard urging the Indian government to assist her in returning to the country. Sameena also asked for help from the Telangana government.
Migrant workers in GCC highly dependent on employers

LawsMigrant workers in GCC highly dependent on employers

Migrant workers in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE) are governed by the Kafala (sponsorship) system, where a local sponsors the worker's visa etc.

In most countries, workers can't leave or enter the country without their employer's approval.

Thus the worker's presence in the country is highly dependent on their employer, making them vulnerable to exploitation.

25 Apr 2017Sushma Swaraj orders rescue of Hyderabad woman sold in Saudi

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has asked for a report from the Indian embassy in Riyadh over a Hyderabad woman who was allegedly sold for Rs. 3L to a Saudi Arabian citizen.

Swaraj has asked for her to be rescued and repatriated to India as early as possible.

She has also directed police to take action against the agents who allegedly sold her.