Cannot deny flats based on food habits: BMC

25 Apr 2017 | By Gaurav Jeyaraman
BMC: Can't deny flats on basis of food-habits

The BMC's Municipal Commissioner, Ajoy Mehta has clarified that developers cannot withhold occupancy certificates to home buyers based on their dietary habits.

The BMC has received several complaints from home buyers who were denied homes because they were non-vegetarian. Aggrieved buyers can now approach the police in such cases.

They said buyers can also "approach related departments of the state government for the action."

In context: BMC: Can't deny flats on basis of food-habits

25 Apr 2017Cannot deny flats based on food habits: BMC

SignificanceHow significant is the issue?

Political parties across party lines in Maharashtra have demanded that the BMC re-issue the Development Control Regulations to prevent developers from discriminating against home-buyers based on caste, creed, religion or dietary habits.

However, the BMC, in response clarified that they can only check on technical details of the project and cannot issue guidelines to developers on how to choose home-buyers.

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Ajoy Mehta's response to the proposal

Mehta said, "The subject does not come under our jurisdiction, thus cannot take action against the builder and developer...Though the members have demanded the amendments in the DCRs and the Acts, the same cannot be amended."