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26 Apr 2017

All schools to have uniform Math, Science curriculum

Uniform Science, Math syllabus for all boards

All state school boards have agreed to follow the National Council on Educational Research and Training's curriculum for mathematics and science from classes 9-12.

The UPA government's HRD ministry also rooted for a uniform syllabus.

The decision was made at a meeting between the boards and HRD ministry officials.

Using NCERT syllabus will help all students have a common grounding for university entrance exams.

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Uniform Science, Math syllabus for all boards
Why was the move needed?


Why was the move needed?

Sources from the HRD ministry said that differentiated syllabi between various boards in the country, especially between class 9-12 create a huge difference in preparedness of students for competitive exams.

Students who don't come from an NCERT background end up needing to take extra coaching to prepare for such exams.

To resolve the issue, the ministry proposed this solution.

Students should be able to crack competitive exams: HRD Ministry

HRD ministry officials said "If students who come from boards that do not follow NCERT syllabus have to take competitive exams then they have to study two different curricula, one to pass the board exams and other to crack the competitive tests."

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