DU considers adding FB posts to Literature syllabus

26 Apr 2017 | By Gaurav Jeyaraman
DU Lit students learn to write FB posts?

The Delhi University English department's choice-based credit system core committee is considering introducing a course on writing Facebook posts for literature students, as a part of their "academic writing."

It would be introduced under the Skills Enhancement Courses. Students will also be taught blogging, proof reading and writing cover letters.

The department sent the recommendations to all colleges for feedback.

In context: DU Lit students learn to write FB posts?

26 Apr 2017DU considers adding FB posts to Literature syllabus

DetailsSome details and justifications for the move

The University released details of the changes to colleges.

They said teachers would be given training courses on the new subjects and colleges could hire experts to teach the subjects as well.

They said it was essential that students be taught to communicate effectively on social-media.

The University is also considering introducing Chetan Bhagat's book 5-point someone as an elective course for honours students.

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Framework for implementation will be decided after feedback

A senior DU official said, "The final framework will be decided after receiving feedback from colleges, the deadline for which is May 1. The approved draft will then be placed before the Academic and Executive Council for the final nod."