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28 Apr 2017

Survey reveals Karnataka is India's most corrupt state

Corruption survey highlights India's graft-ridden states

A survey conducted by the Center for Media Studies has revealed that Karnataka is the most corruption-riddled state in the country.

The survey was compiled based on people's experiences paying bribes to avail public services. Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab follow Karnataka.

Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and Chhattisgarh were found to be the least corrupt.

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Corruption survey highlights India's graft-ridden states
Details of the survey


Details of the survey

The survey was conducted by think-tank and NGO Center for Media Studies over the last one year.

The report surveyed 20 states in the country and involved the participation of 3000 households from both rural and urban India.

Some of the states surveyed included Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Punjab.

Corruption in India

According to the report, people felt that police, Public Distribution System, electricity and judicial services saw the biggest rise in corruption. 43% of households felt corruption had increased in the last one year. People also felt that corruption decreased during the demonetization period.

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Has corruption reduced in India?

The report indicated that a similar survey conducted in 2005 recorded at least 53% of Indian households having experienced corruption. The total estimate for bribes paid by households in 2005 was Rs. 20,500 crore.

In comparison, only 33% of households reported experiencing corruption in public services in 2017. Also, the estimated bribes paid by households in 2017 was Rs. 6350 crore.

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