Pansare's killer associated with Goa blast mastermind

23 Sep 2015 | By Eshwarya
Connecting dots: Pansare's murder and Goa blasts

Research by National Investigation Agency proclaims that Rudra Patil, who is also a suspect in Govind Pansare's murder case, was connected to the mastermind behind Goa's diwali blast.

Police claimed Patil to be in telephonic touch with Sameer Gaikwad , another member of Sanatan sanstha who is now arrested.

However, the members of the sanstha cleared the air by declaring that Gaikwad as innocent.

In context: Connecting dots: Pansare's murder and Goa blasts

About All about Sanathan Sanstha

The Sanatan Sanstha was established in 1990 by Jayant Athavale, who is a clinical-hypnotherapist by profession.

It is a registered non-government organisation that aims at imparting religious knowledge and assisting people in order to obtain spiritual upliftment.

The headquarters of the sanstha is stationed at Ramnathi, which is very well known for its eminent temples.

Their website promotes tips for healthier life.

Narakasura competition

Every diwali, Goa witnesses a Naraksura competition, where effigies of Narakasura are burnt. Naraksura is a devilish creature that is portrayed under Hindu mythology. The event is strictly opposed by the Sanatan Sanstha.
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Everything you need to know about the Goa blast

16 Oct 2009Everything you need to know about the Goa blast

An explosion took place on a motorcycle, carrying two people, at Grace church in Goa.

Seven months later, 11 members of the sanatan sanstha were accused. But, no specific evidence was found.

The prosecution identified the purpose behind this blast was to target the groups taking part in Narakasura competition.

However, the sanstha launched a public protest in order to clarify their maligned image.

Mastermind behind the Goa 2009 blast

Malgonda Patil was believed to be the mastermind behind the Goa 2009 blast. He died on the motorcycle while carrying the explosive device, along with Yogesh Naik, who was another full time member of the same sanstha.

Introduction Govind Pansare: Introduction and cause of death

Born on 26 November 1933, Govind Pansare was a leftist in the communist party of India.

He authored, 'Shivaji Kon Hota' (Who was Shivaji). Originally written in marathi, the biography of ruler Shivaji became a best selling one.

The veteran CPI leader was shot on 16 February 2015 along with his wife Uma.

Unfortunately, Pansare passed away due to heavy bleeding in his lungs.

16 Feb 2015More about Govind Pansare's murder

While returning back to home from a regular morning walk, the CPI leader Pansare was shot near his house in Kolhapur.

His wife was also shot at that very moment by the same assailants travelling on a motorcycle, who killed her husband.

Despite the sincere efforts of doctors, Pansare couldn't be saved; his wife survived and assisted the police in providing the suspects' sketches.

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Cause Possible cause of attack on Pansare

Maharashtra police is suspecting one of the possible cause of the attack to be Pansare's criticism of the rightists.

He also put forward his views against Nathuram Godse, who was involved in assassination of Gandhi.

In 2013, after the murder of Narendra Dabholkar, yet another rationalist, he received a letter penned with a threatening line 'Tumcha Dabholkar Karu' (you can be killed like Dabholkar).

17 Sep 2015The face of killers

Samir Gaikwad, the 32 year old member of the Sanatan Sanstha was arrested from Sangli. The regular switching of sim cards drove the needle of suspicion towards him.

However, Rudra Patil, another member of the same sanstha who is believed to be involved in the murder, escaped.

The National Investigation Agency is now on a wild goose chase to catch Patil.

23 Sep 2015Pansare's killer associated with Goa blast mastermind