Terror camps reassembled in PoK

03 May 2017 | Written by Gaurav Jeyaraman; Edited by Ramya
Terror camps back in Kashmir

Sources stated that new terror camps and launch pads have been set up once again close to the Indian side in PoK.

Reports said that even camps which were dismantled after the surgical strikes have relocated themselves in PoK.

Army sources said that 20 new terror camps have been set-up.

This has contributed to increasing instances of infiltration attempts along the LoC.

In context: Terror camps back in Kashmir

IntroductionThe deadly Uri attack, India's surgical strikes

On 18 Sep'16, four heavily armed terrorists killed 17 Indian Army soldiers and left 19 critically injured in a terror attack at the army's administrative base in Uri.

On 29 Sep'16, in response to the Uri terror attack, Indian special forces conducted "surgical strikes" to eliminate terrorists in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

They had attacked seven terror launch pads across the Line of Control.

03 May 2017Terror camps reassembled in PoK

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Terror recruitment on the rise

Terrorism in KashmirTerror recruitment on the rise

According to government data, there are currently 160 terrorists active in the Kashmir valley.

Sources said that they have recently been advised to intensify their attacks inside the region.

Police sources added that at least 100 youth have joined terrorist ranks in the valley in just the past few months.

Sources said the onset of summer would see intensified conflict.

Terror campsAnd what of terror camps?

Following the surgical strikes carried out by India in September'16, 35 terror camps inside PoK were dismantled and shifted deeper into Pakistani territory.

Army sources said these camps are now back to their original locations. What is alarming is that 20 new camps have also been set up around these camps.

There are now 55 terror camps and launch pads inside PoK.

Has infiltration increased?

Infiltration has been on the rise in the past few months. Government data says there were 60 infiltration attempts since January 2017. 15 terrorists managed to sneak into the valley in this time period.