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04 May 2017

Rajasthan bringing in hi-tech system to monitor tiger population

Rajasthan gets hi-tech surveillance system for tigers

The Rajasthan government is going on a mission to protect the existing tiger population- it is working on a surveillance mechanism to keep track of endangered animals, especially tigers and leopards.

For the purpose, the information technology department is bringing in hi-tech gadgets: radio sets, thermal-imaging cameras and drones.

It has also requested Rs. 50cr for commissioning and maintaining the systems for five years.

In context

Rajasthan gets hi-tech surveillance system for tigers

The Wildlife Surveillance and Anti-Poaching System

Along with wildlife conservation, the Wildlife Surveillance and Anti-Poaching System will enhance efficiency of forest officials, check infiltration, and more. It will be activated in parts of Ranthambore, Sariska, Mukundra, Jawaibag and Jhalana. Similar systems exist in Kaziranga and Jim Corbett, though on smaller scales.

How is the system designed?


How is the system designed?

About 55 40m towers, equipped with thermal, optical and dome cameras, will be installed at over 1,100 critical areas.

The local control room will have access to every camera; recorded feed will be sent to the data centre at the headquarters.

Drones will be used as and when required, like in the case of calamity.

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Though tiger population has risen, Rajasthan struggles to take care

Rajasthan has recorded an increase in tigers; in 2010, it had 36, and six years later, Ranthambore alone had 60. However, wildlife offences have also been increasing, including poaching, encroachment and smuggling of contraband. Many have gone unreported due to lack of resources.

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