2000 CoBRA commandos to enter Sukma, eliminate Maoists

09 May 2017 | By Gaurav Jeyaraman

Sources stated that government is mobilizing over 2000 CoBRA commandos for deployment in Bastar to eliminate the Maoists in the region.

The move comes in the wake of some of the deadliest ambushes on Indian paramilitary personnel in recent months, which took place in Sukma in South Bastar.

Government sources said they sought to "deliver heavy blow to the Maoists operations."

In context: CoBRA deployed to defang Maoists

The violence in Sukma

On April 24, 99 CRPF personnel who were assisting road construction work, were ambushed by 300-400 armed Maoists, killing 25 CRPF jawans. Just days later, 12 CRPF personnel were killed and their weapons were stolen by Maoists in the same region.

09 May 20172000 CoBRA commandos to enter Sukma, eliminate Maoists

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Commandos will be pulled out of other states

The 20-25 CoBRA companies will be airlifted from their current positions in West Bengal, Bihar, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh to Chhattisgarh. Each company has about 100 personnel.
Maoists and their TCOC campaign

TCOCMaoists and their TCOC campaign

Maoists launch the Tactical Counter Offensive Campaign every month to attack police personnel and steal their weapons.

They usually target long patrols that have been out in the hot sun and patrols assigned for road construction duties.

In such situations, unless forces respond quickly, they suffer heavy casualties.

Why?Why now?

The summer is the peak time for Maoists TCOC campaigns.

The Home Ministry has already expressed inability to deploy additional forces from the Central Armed Police Forces to Bastar.

The Centre demanded that the operations be carried out quickly with minimal casualties.

Hence it was decided to deploy 2000 more CoBRA commandos to reinforce the presently stationed 154 commandos in Bastar.

CoBRA will pave the way: Govt

Government officials said, "The CoBRA teams will specifically be used to increase the kill ratio of the is the CoBRA that will pave the way. They will undertake special operations to decimate the Maoists' manpower and firepower."