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11 May 2017

Maharashtra govt to regulate river waters in state

The Maharashtra Government is considering a proposal to regulate all river waters in the state by bringing them under the government's ambit.

The government seeks to generate revenue by auctioning river waters and encouraging the state's fisheries sector. The Department of Fisheries will prepare a feasibility report for the same.

Mahadev Jankar, Maharashtra's Minister of Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Fisheries made the proposal.

In context

Now govt to regulate river waters?

What is the reason?

The government said, "As of now, rivers are not in anyone's possession. So many people catch fresh water fish and sell them in the market. This needs to be regulated and streamlined. Besides, this plan aims to support farmers and fishermen in a big way."

Fisheries in Maharashtra


Fisheries in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has 49 rivers and tributaries and a number of fishing communities take advantage of these favourable factors.

The state produces 5.50 lakh tons of fish per annum which earns over Rs. 1,500 crore in foreign exchange. Of this 1.5 lakh tons come from fresh water fish.

The government has also rolled out several initiatives to promote fresh water fishing.

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How will it be implemented?

Sources stated that a resolution passed by the state government in this regard would suffice to bring rivers under the government's ambit.

The government also plans to take control of percolation ponds used for captive fisheries which was under control of Zilla Parishads until now.

However, until the fisheries department produces its feasibility report it would be difficult to assess implementation.

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