Not part of Botswana EVM hackathon: Bharat Electronics

16 May 2017 | By Gaurav Jeyaraman

Indian EVM manufacturer Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) has denied that it has been invited to participate in a challenge to hack EVMs in Botswana.

BEL clarified that it did not sell any EVMs to Botswana, and was invited to demonstrate VVPAT machines which it had designed for them.

A few days back, AAP supporters tweeted an incorrect article leading to BEL issuing a clarification.

In context: Now, Botswana checking EVMs

BotswanaBotswana looking for voting systems

Botswana's Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) had recently put forward resolution to procure EVMs for the country's elections.

However, opposition parties decried the move saying the machines were susceptible to tampering.

To allay these concerns they organized a hackathon of EVMs they had procured.

India's Bharat Electronics Limited was providing Botswana with VVPAT systems and were invited to demonstrate how the systems guarantee fair elections.

16 May 2017Not part of Botswana EVM hackathon: Bharat Electronics

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India's troubles with EVMs

DetailsIndia's troubles with EVMs

After the recently concluded state legislative polls, several political parties in the country alleged that EVMs were rigged in the elections.

The AAP and BSP led the charge. AAP even attempted to demonstrate how EVMs could be hacked by calling a special session of the Delhi assembly.

However they did not hack an original EVM machine.

EC issues new challenge

The Election Commission has issued a new challenge to prove the security of EVMs. It has called upon all parties to come and choose the EVMs used in the recent elections and prove how they can be tampered with or manipulated.