Rs. 20L for garlanding Nawaz Sharif with shoes!


20 May 2017

Maulvi offers Rs. 20L for garlanding Nawaz Sharif with shoes

Religious leader Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi, chairman of All India Minority United Council, has issued a new announcement: a reward of Rs. 20 lakh to anyone who garlands Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif with a string of shoes and parades him around India.

This came after the international Court of Justice halted Pakistan from executing Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav.


"Pakistan PM a flop in checking terror"

"Pakistan PM a flop in checking terror"

"Terrorism is not related to any religion. If it is related, then the Pakistan Government will have to show where it is written in the Quran, where it is written in Hadeez. Therefore I condemn it," he said.

"PM Nawaz Sharif has been unsuccessful in dealing with this un-Islamic terror," he added, calling Sharif a "flop PM".

Maulvi earlier issued fatwa against Sonu Nigam

The maulvi was in the news earlier for his fatwa against Sonu Nigam. After the singer tweeted against the morning azaan's loudness, he offered Rs. 10 lakh for whoever shaves Nigam's head. Nigam responded by shaving his own head and asking him for the reward!

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