Punjab farmers distressed by whitefly attack

8 Oct 2015 | By Kartikeya Jain

Whitefly pest destroyed about two-thirds of standing crop in the Punjab-Malwa region. 15 farmers have committed suicide due to the crop failure.

Pained farmers rejected the Rs.640 crore compensation and termed it as peanuts.

Rs.150 crore worth subsidized pesticides had been used but failed to save the crops. Director of Agriculture Department along with several pesticide dealers have been arrested for selling spurious pesticides.

In context: The whitefly attack in Punjab

25 Aug 2015Punjab cotton crop under whitefly attack

Cotton plantation in Punjab came under a major whitefly attack which is being touted as the worst in the past five years.

Experts blamed humid weather conditions for the attack.

State government deputed a team to give a report on the impact of whitefly.

Whitefly sucks sap from the leaves of cotton, thus hitting the growth of the plant.

Whitefly unable to harm other crops

Whitefly was visible on other crops such as guar and sugarcane, but it damaged only cotton.
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28 Sep 2015Punjab CM announces Rs.600 crore aid

Punjab CM Parkash Singh Badal announced the disbursement of Rs.600 crore aid after facing severe criticism for paying meagre compensation to the affected farmers.

Around 1.36 lakh hectares of area out of 4.50 lakh hectares has suffered extensive damage due to Whitefly.

Badal claimed his government was pro-farmers and had provided free power worth Rs.28000 crore over the last 8 years.

6 Oct 2015Demands of arrest in view of pesticide scam

Punjab Congress President Partap Singh Bajwa demanded arrest of agriculture minister Tota Singh over the alleged pesticide scam wherein spurious pesticides were given to farmers.

This led to a loss of about Rs.5,000 crore to the state.

He demanded Rs.40000 per acre as compensation for the farmers while the punjab government has provided only Rs. 8000 per acre to the farmers who suffered losses.

7 Oct 2015Farmers block railway tracks in protest

Farmers blocked railway tracks causing 12 trains to be diverted and 4 others to be cancelled.

They accused the government of providing low quality pesticides and are demanding appropriate compensation.

Eight farmer organizations plan to block the railway tracks in order to intensify the movement.

The farmers' agitation got support from some local NGOs who cleaned up the surroundings of protest site.

8 Oct 2015Punjab farmers distressed by whitefly attack

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The estimated loss

Rs. 4200 crore is the estimated loss to the farmers due to whitefly attack so far. Also, 8,30,855 acres of cotton crop has been destroyed due to the pest attacks.