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28 May 2017

BMC displays satisfactory action against illegal meat-shops: reveals RTI petition

Mumbai meat raids: BMC's crackdown on illegal meat-shops

An RTI petition filed with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation revealed the efforts taken by the Mumbai civic bodies against illegal slaughterhouses.

It revealed that the BMC conducted 2,928 raids in between April 2016-March 2017, initiating prosecution against 753 illegal meat shops.

Chetan Kothari, the applicant, termed BMC's efforts satisfactory.

Let us find out more on what the RTI revealed about BMC's meat crackdown!

In context

Mumbai meat raids: BMC's crackdown on illegal meat-shops

Why was the application filed?

"I wanted to check what is happening in city with respect to shops in city. I wanted to know if they take action and what they do.... they said that there are very few staff and inspectors.... but still satisfactory," notes the applicant, Chetan Kothari

On Mumbai's meat market


On Mumbai's meat market

As per the reply, Mumbai's meat shops are licensed under two heads: inside markets and outside markets with the total number standing at 2,488 shops.

The number of shops selling mutton tops the list at 1,299, followed by 596, 551 and 29 shops that sold beef, chicken and Pork respectively.

5 wards including T-ward (Mulund), and M-ward (Chembur), did not have any pork shops.

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What did the BMC do?

The BMC seized large quantities of meat including a whopping 40,408 kgs of beef, 4,502 kgs of fish and 1844 kgs of sheep/ goat.

The amount of chicken, mutton and pork seized further stood at 1399 kg, 430 kg and 10 kg respectively.

BMC also managed to recover Rs. 6.43 lakh out of the fish and poultry seized in the raids.

The larger picture


The larger picture

BJP-ruled states have cracked down on illegal slaughter and sale of meat in the past three years of Modi government.

While this has often been perceived as the government's ploy to force vegetarianism, it definitely has health and environmental benefits and can help regulate India's meat market for the better.

Kothari felt that more staff should be allocated for constantly checking illegal meat shops.

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