Man murdered for his 'Swachh Bharat' stand


29 May 2017

Rickshaw driver stands up for 'Swachh Bharat', beaten to death

On 27th May, an e-rickshaw driver named Ravinder was beaten to death for raising objections about some people urinating in public.

The e-rickshaw driver was waiting at GTB Metro station at approximately 6:15 pm, when 2-3 youths started urinating near Gate No. 4; Ravinder objected to the same.

Later around 8 pm, a large group of youths allegedly beat Ravinder to death in public.

What Happened?

Details of the incident

Details of the incident

According to eye-witnesses, seeing the youths openly urinate, Ravinder encouraged them to maintain hygiene by using a toilet instead.

This angered the youth, who threatened Ravinder. At approximately 8pm, they returned with 15-20 men on bikes and e-rickshaws.

They beat Ravinder, dragged him, kicked him, and smashed his face.

Ravinder was rushed to the Bara Hindu Rao Hospital, but was declared dead on arrival.

The suspects

Ravinder's older brother Vijender alleged that two youths were dropped to the scene of the incident from Kirorimal College. Police, however, are yet to zero-in on the criminals. They even suspect the involvement of students from Delhi University.

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