NDMC launches app, website for complaints against parking mafias

30 May 2017 | By Mansi Motwani
NDMC's new app, website for residents

On Monday, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) launched an Android app and a website on which Delhiites can register complaints regarding parking mafias and their violations at parking sites.

The user-friendly application has been launched as the region faces several problems due to parking mafias occupying non-parking spaces.

Citizens can click pictures/videos of the violation as proof and submit it.

In context: NDMC's new app, website for residents

BackgroundAbout North Delhi's parking mafia

According to municipal body sources, a mere 6-7 people control over 90% of Delhi's parking space by colluding with clerical staff and the corporators.

The nexus of this mafia is so strong that only a handful more can bid for managing parking spaces in the city.

This parking mafia manages almost all of Delhi's parking spaces including municipal-corporation approved lots, illegal spaces, residential areas.

30 May 2017NDMC launches app, website for complaints against parking mafias

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The working of the app, website

How?The working of the app, website

Once a citizen registers a complaint, he will receive a unique complaint number as acknowledgment of the complaint.

The corporation will take appropriate action like imposing penalty, cancelling the parking sites' contract based on the proof uploaded.

The status of the complaints and action taken by Remunerative Projects (RP) cell on the website or application can be tracked by the citizens.

What do the violations include?

The list of violations include: Not wearing uniform, name badge, not maintaining complaint register/box, unclean premises, overcharging the public and not installing CCTV cameras in the parking lots.