Rajdeo Ranjan murder- Shahabuddin refuses CBI's lie detector test

04 Jun 2017 | By Ramya Patelkhana

Former RJD MP Mohammad Shahabuddin, accused in the murder case of journalist Rajdeo Ranjan, refused to undergo a lie detector test by CBI.

The four-time MP from Bihar's Siwan constituency was "lying and concealing" facts and wasn't cooperating in the probe.

CBI will now inform the Muzaffarpur special court about the development and seek Shahabuddin's lie detection through the court.

In context: The murder case of journalist Rajdeo Ranjan

IntroductionAbout Rajdeo Ranjan

Rajdeo Ranjan was a journalist from Bihar's Siwan who worked for Hindustan Daily.

He was shot dead on 13 May 2016 and his murder was received as a threat to journalism.

He was known to have been writing against a former RJD MP Mohammad Shahabuddin, who was serving a life sentence in connection to the murder of two brothers.

Murdered by attackers on bikes

For more than 24 years, Ranjan was an active journalist whose main focus was politics and crime. He was murdered by attackers on bikes near Siwan railway station; he received close-range gunshot wounds to head and neck.
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Who is Mohammad Shahabuddin?

ShahabuddinWho is Mohammad Shahabuddin?

Mohammad Shahabuddin, a criminal-turned-politician, was a Member of Parliament from Siwan in Bihar.

He was elected as MP four times with Lalu Prasad Yadav's Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) party.

He was also elected to the Bihar's Legislative Assembly twice.

However, in 2009, he was banned from contesting the General Elections due to his conviction in several criminal cases.

InvestigationCBI investigation suggests it was a planned murder

According to investigators, Ranjan's killers were hired by Shahabuddin's aide Laddan Mian, which linked the politician to the murder.

His name also allegedly appeared on a hit-list prepared by Shahabuddin.

Police arrested five contract killers in connection to Ranjan's murder.

The CBI later opened a case and continued the investigation started by the Siwan police which suggested that it was a planned murder.

TrialShahabuddin transferred to Tihar Jail

According to CBI investigation, which is still underway, there have been six suspects involved in Ranjan's murder.

The CBI asked six months' time to investigate the case but was granted only three months by the Supreme Court.

After Ranjan's widow Asha filed petitions, the apex court ordered the Bihar government to transfer Shahabuddin to Tihar Jail to ensure "free and fair" trial in Feb'17.

04 Jun 2017Rajdeo Ranjan murder- Shahabuddin refuses CBI's lie detector test

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Consent of the accused

Taking the consent of the accused before subjecting him/her to the lie detection or polygraph test is mandatory. CBI is questioning Shahabuddin after obtaining his custody for eight days; the custody will end on 5 June. Shahabuddin has 58 cases pending against him.