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16 Jun 2017

Central India might get delayed monsoon, or none at all

A 'peculiar' monsoon in 2017

The IMD has termed this year's monsoon "peculiar". As the northeastern regions grapple with excessive rainfall and floods, the central regions might have below normal activity this time, or even miss it completely.

Generally, monsoons move from the south to the north via the central parts, but this time, it seems to be making the journey directly from south to north.

In context

A 'peculiar' monsoon in 2017
Monsoon expected to hit the northern foothills by June 23


Monsoon expected to hit the northern foothills by June 23

The "peculiar" behavior has made it difficult to predict onset of rainfall in different parts, officials said.

Around June 23, it is expected to reach the north (Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Uttarakhand), though activity in central India, which normally sees monsoon by mid-June, is likely to be below average during that time.

Its current partial penetration into the central regions might stay till June 29.

An 'anti-cyclone' also at play

An 'anti-cyclone' hit Kerala on May 30 and still persists. JR Kulkarni, retired scientist, says this is what initially restrained the monsoon's northward movement. "This anticyclone may be the reason why the extended range forecast may be showing below-normal rain over central India," he added.

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