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23 Jun 2017

Unrest in Valley hits tourism hard, locals suffer

Tourism hit, jobs at stake in Kashmir Valley

Tourism has historically remained an instrument of economic growth in J&K and has contributed a lot in developing the economy but in recent times, unrest in the Valley has led to dwindling of tourist economy.

A close look at the people running business in the Valley would reveal the desperate times, the locals are facing.

In context

Tourism hit, jobs at stake in Kashmir Valley

Why is Kashmir losing on its tourists?

Ever since the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani, the Valley has been in continuous turmoil. Ceasefire violations and terrorist activities have plagued the region making it difficult for the tourists to continue visiting India's very own paradise.

A close look at the businesses which remain affected

Trouble in paradise?

A close look at the businesses which remain affected

Tourism contributes to at least 8% of the state's gross domestic product and hence forms a major part of the economy.

Boatmen giving a picturesque feel to the tourists are the ones who are suffering the most.

Same is the sorry state of hotel owners, shawl and carpet businesses where anxious eyes pan out in search of tourists.

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The number game!

Let us see what figures have to tell about the sorry state of tourism. In the year 2016, the state had recorded a total 1.29 million tourists which has drastically reduced. Since, the sector plays such a vital role it employs over 100,000 people.

The Reason

What do Kashmiris have to say about this?

Locals complained that the media is partially responsible for their state of unemployment.

They believed and echoed sentiments as images of violence and burning Kashmir were scaring away the tourists.

People doing business in the region said that there is a fear psychosis prevailing among the tourists.

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