Pakistan BAT team carried daggers, cameras to record terror attack

24 Jun 2017 | By Abheet Sethi
Pakistani intruders armed to behead, mutilate Indian soldiers

Senior Indian Army officials said the Pakistani Border Action Team (BAT) that crossed the LoC into Poonch, J&K, on June 22 and killed two Indian troops comprised of both militants and Pakistani special forces members.

The BAT was armed with 'special daggers' and 'headband cameras' meant to record the ambush on Indian forces and their mutilation.

Indian troops foiled the BAT attack.

In context: Pakistani intruders armed to behead, mutilate Indian soldiers

22 Jun 20172 BAT members killed in retaliatory firing by Indian forces

On June 22, a BAT of "five to seven heavily-armed men, under the cover of Pakistani firing, entered 600 meters inside the LoC in Gulpur forward area in Poonch sector," an Indian Army officer said.

An exchange of fire left two Indian troops and two BAT intruders dead.

One intruder's body was retrieved while the other's was taken back to Pakistan by the BAT.

Two Indian solders martyred in attack identified

The Indian soldiers martyred were identified as 34-year-old Naik Jadhav Sandip of Aurangabad and 24-year-old Sepoy Mane Savan Balku of Kolhapur. "The resolute action of our soldiers didn't let the nefarious plan (of mutilating bodies and recording it) succeed," an Indian Army officer said.
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24 Jun 2017Pakistan BAT team carried daggers, cameras to record terror attack

DetailsIndian army retrieves weapons cache from slain BAT intruder

"The body of the intruder killed in the BAT attempt… has been retrieved and handed over to the local police," an Indian Army officer said.

"Arms, ammunition and other war-like stores including a special dagger and a headband with a camera, knife, one AK rifle, 3 magazines, 2 grenades besides dresses and bags was recovered which reflects the barbaric mindset of the Pakistan Army."

AppallingRetrieved BAT dagger specially engineered for quick beheadings

The Indian army officer said the special dagger and knife retrieved are specifically meant to quickly mutilate and behead the bodies of Indian jawans killed in the cross-fire.

The headband camera was aimed at recording the act and it's possible that it was live connected to the Pakistani military.

"The data and details of the camera will be analyzed," the Indian officer said.