Indian Govt. hikes visa fee for foreigners

26 Jun 2017 | By Roma Das
Indian visas to turn dear for foreigners

The Indian Government has hiked at least 50% of the visa charges on foreign nationals citing the increase in visa charges being made by the US, Australia and New Zealand.

For the unversed, the increase in the visa charges has been made by the Indian Govt. for the US, the UK, Canada, Israel, Iran and UAE nationals quite some time before.

In context: Indian visas to turn dear for foreigners

26 Jun 2017Indian Govt. hikes visa fee for foreigners

DetailsKnow about these countries coughing up how much money

UK nationals will now be paying $248 instead of $162 as part of tourist visa.

As far as employment visa goes, people from Canada, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand will be paying $419 rather than $300.

Israelis, by far have to pay the most, that too for short-term visa, that is $ 1,714 instead of $1,120.

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Tit for tat?

ConclusionTit for tat?

Well, the surge in the visa charges do point out to the same but it is mostly to rationalize and modify the entry charges of other countries.

Overall, visa charges or the price of tourist visa has increased to $153 from $100 for a year.

For a minimum period of over five years, foreigners have to shell out $306 instead of $120.