Who is Chhota Rajan?

Who is Chhota Rajan?
  • Chota Rajan - the boss of a major crime syndicate was introduced to the world of crime by Bada Rajan of Hyderabad.
  • He joined Dawood Ibrahim in 1988.
  • He had many criminal cases to his name including "extortion, murder, smuggling, drug trafficking and film finance."
  • He was involved in 17 murder cases and an equal number of attempted murders.

Break from Ibrahim, coming to his own

Break from Ibrahim, coming to his own
  • Rajan operated as Dawood Ibrahim's right hand, but a rift came after the 1993 Bombay blasts.
  • The two had allegedly different views in terms of involvement in the bombings.
  • Another organised crime syndicate D-Company comprising of Sautya, Chhota Shakeel and Sharad Shetty resented Rajan's influence and feared he would replace Ibrahim.
  • Finally, in 1996 Rajan split from Ibrahim and formed his own syndicate.

Chhota Rajan inherits Bada Rajan's empire

Do you know?

Chhota Rajan took over the reins of the crime syndicate from Bada Rajan's gang after Bada Rajan was murdered.

Chhota Rajan ailing in Malaysia

23 Apr 2014
Chhota Rajan ailing in Malaysia
  • According to intelligence agencies, Chhota Rajan was reportedly ill with kidney problems in Malaysia.
  • Rajan was shot in 2001 by Dawood's gang and suffered from kidney infection due to the bullets.
  • Fearing that Bangkok authorities would deport him to India, he fled from the hospital without taking proper treatment.
  • Rajan's manager Abu Sawant was taking care of his treatment in Malaysia.

Chhota Rajan's brother-in-law nabbed!

10 Oct 2014
Chhota Rajan's brother-in-law nabbed!
  • The Anti-Robbery and Dacoity Cell of the Crime Branch nabbed underworld don Chhota Rajan's brother-in-law, Jaywant Rajaram Mule in Thane.
  • He had been on a run since 9 years ever since the shooting of the owner of a cable and internet company in Navi Mumbai.
  • The Crime Branch was hopeful that this arrest will get them closer to arresting the bigger fugitive Rajan.

Chhota Rajan in Australia

2 Jul 2015
Chhota Rajan in Australia
  • On 2 July 2015, Dawood Ibrahim's right-hand man and underworld don Chhota Shakeel's "final plan" to eliminate his rival Chhota Rajan was foiled.
  • Intelligence intercepts between Chhota Shakeel and Rajan's lieutenant were traced where the former lured Rajan's man to give away Chhota Rajan's whereabouts.
  • The conversation, which was in a mix of Hindi and Urdu, revealed that Rajan was hiding in Australia.

Chhota Rajan arrested in Indonesia

26 Oct 2015
Chhota Rajan arrested in Indonesia
  • Indian outlaw Chhota Rajan or Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje was arrested in Indonesia after being on the run for decades.
  • The Indonesian authorities who had detained the fugitive, were acting on a tip-off from Australian police.
  • Bali police spokesman Heri Wiyanto said that Rajan was arrested on his arrival at a popular resort island of Bali from Australia (Sydney).

Rajan orchestrated his own arrest


Sources in the Mumbai Police believe that Chhota Rajan had himself arrested because he feared that he would be killed by Dawood and could not continue to live in constant fear for his life.

Indian envoy meets Rajan; deportation process initiated

2 Nov 2015
Indian envoy meets Rajan; deportation process initiated
  • The process for deportation of Chhota Rajan has begun, with Indonesia and India working on expediting the process.
  • The two countries don't have an extradition treaty.
  • A team of CBI officials and members of Delhi and Mumbai police left for Indonesia to bring Rajan back.
  • Sanjeev Kumar Agarwal, the first secretary at the Indian embassy was the first Indian official to meet the don.

Chhota Rajan brought to India after 27 years

6 Nov 2015
Chhota Rajan brought to India after 27 years
  • Underworld don Chhota Rajan has been brought to Delhi from Indonesia, by a joint-team led by CBI officials.
  • Upon his arrival in an Indian Air-Force Gulfstream-III aircraft, Rajan was immediately taken away to an undisclosed location under tight security.
  • He will be questioned by officials from various intelligence agencies regarding further evidence about Dawood Ibrahim as well as his links with Pakistan's ISI.