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07 Jul 2017

Dual-MRP banned: Coca-Cola, bottled-water to cost same at airports, malls

Starting January'18, retailers at airports, malls and more won't be allowed to sell products at higher MRPs.

The ministry of consumer affairs has prohibited companies including Coca Cola, Eureka Forbes etc from supplying packaged water, soft drinks and snacks at premium locations on which the printed MRP is higher than on those sold outside.

Public can report violations at 022-2262 2022, 9869691666 or


Dual MRPs banned, unless allowed by law

Dual MRPs banned, unless allowed by law

Ram Vilas Paswan-led Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution Ministry has notified amendments to the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011.

Labels with bigger font size for manufacturing date, use by/best before, producer's name, etc are mandatory to allow buyers to easily read them.

Declarations on food items have been made compatible with "labeling regulations" under the Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006.


Clearly mentioning MRP on medical devices mandatory

Knowing MRPs of the usually-overpriced crucial medical devices like stents, valve, orthopedic implants, syringes, surgical tools, etc is now easy.

Bringing the devices under the drugs category, the Ministry has made it mandatory for manufacturers to clearly mention MRP on packaging.

Despite a price cap, these devices are sold without a standard pricing mechanism, depending on the consumer's capacity to pay.

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Current inventory

Six months' time for manufacturers to exhaust current inventory

Six months' time for manufacturers to exhaust current inventory

According to a senior ministry official, the amendments will be effective from 1 Jan'18 in order to give manufacturers a six months' "breathing period" to clear existing inventory.

The rules also require e-sellers to display details like name of the product, net contents, dimensions, retail sale price, customer care/complaint, names and addresses of producers, packers and importers on the e-commerce platforms.

Ministry introduces e-coding

By introducing e-coding, the Ministry has made checking the net quantity of package contents more scientific. It has also allowed barcode/QR coding on voluntary basis.

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Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST Impact


Coca Cola

Dual MRPs

Eureka Forbes

Food Safety

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