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01 Jul 2017

First month of monsoon leaves much optimism after surplus rainfall

Good start to monsoons in 2017

The first month of monsoon has been heartening with India recording a 4% surplus in rainfall combined with a well-distributed pattern, except in the eastern regions.

The average rainfall in June was 170.2mm, 7mm higher than the usual 163.6mm, said IMD.

Just seven of 36 meteorological subdivisions, in UP, West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand, experienced deficient rainfall. The rest recorded normal or excess rain.

In context

Good start to monsoons in 2017
Surplus rainfall good news for upcoming sowing season


Surplus rainfall good news for upcoming sowing season

Central and southern India registered extra rainfall of 8% and 5%. But a particular surprise was abundant rains in the northwest, where monsoon is yet to arrive. It recorded a 52% surplus.

This is a good sign for sowing of kharif crops in July. IMD predicts July will see 96% rainfall.

In more good news, the threat of an El Nino has also reduced.


Deficits also expected to vanish this month

Eastern and northeastern India meanwhile witnessed below average rainfall, a deficit of nearly 18%.

However, despite a 'deficit', the northeast received more rain than most other parts, as normal rainfall in the region is anyway very high.

Deficit in other parts is also expected to vanish as the monsoon trough moves northwards towards the Himalayan foothills, said D Sivananda Pai, forecaster, IMD.

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