Gangrape survivor attacked with acid for fourth time in Lucknow

02 Jul 2017 | By Roma Das

In a ghastly case, a gangrape survivor in Lucknow was attacked with acid for the fourth time in a row near her hostel in Aliganj area on Saturday night.

The victim was later rushed to a hospital where her condition is now said to be stable.

The gangrape survivor has reportedly sustained injuries on her neck and face but no FIR has been registered.

In context: Gangrape survivor attacked with acid in Lucknow

02 Jul 2017Gangrape survivor attacked with acid for fourth time in Lucknow

Timeline of eventsRepeated attacks on the gangrape survivor

This is not the first time that the victim has been attacked. Earlier on March 23, the woman was allegedly forced to drink acid by two men onboard a train.

In 2012, the woman was attacked with a knife, and in 2013 she was attacked with acid.

The woman was also raped by two men over property dispute in her home at Unchahar.

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How the attack took place?

The attackHow the attack took place?

The victim was attacked after two assailants climbed her hostel's wall and threw acid on her.

The gangrape survivor who has been repeatedly attacked, has a security cover, a constable who was in the waiting hall when the incident occurred.

Aliganj circle officer said video footage from cameras installed at hostel and commercial establishments in the area were being scanned to nab the accused.

ConclusionIs this incident another blot on the Yogi government?

With incidents of violence on rise in UP, Saturday's case is yet another blot on the UP government.

This woman who works with an outlet run by acid attack survivors in Lucknow was attacked the fourth time. This clearly reflect the law and order in the state.

The fact that she had full security yet she was attacked raises concern too.